Ulrike Hatzer, Univ.Prof.

University Professor in Applied Theatre

  • Mirabellplatz 1
  • 5020 Salzburg

Ulrike Hatzer is a stage director, lecturer and develops concepts. She received her training at the LMU Munich (philosophy, theatre studies, theatre educational theory) and at Trinity College Dublin (stage directing) and also as assistant stage director to Robert Wilson, Vicco von Bülow and Reza Abdoh. On the one hand her first engagements were in the free theatre scene, for instance the Micor Opera Munich, Kampnagel Hamburg and elsewhere and on the other she also worked on the stages of the  Altenburg-Gera Theatre, where she built up the TheaterFABRIK Gera, which still exists.

She has directed productions in various theatres in the German-speaking world, among others in Munich, Gera, Potsdam, Bonn, Duisburg, Braunschweig, and for professional children’s and youth theatre. For several years she has evolved participative formats with and for cities and regions and their population, for instance, Hotel Sorge. Zu Besuch in der eigenen Stadt, 2005 in Gera, Von Schlössern und Schlaatzen, 2009 in Potsdam, and since 2010 the Stadt Theater at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, in which inhabitants play active roles in their cities, pose questions and develop ideas.

At the Staatstheater Braunschweig, together with actors and actresses she most recently evolved the research theatre Nebenan which analyses the events of March ’33 in a special building (AOK House) and which is also presented in this house. She developed the project Freedom Equality Upper-Limit with experts from day-to-day life: with judges, members of the police service, migrants, refugees, young activists and preservers.  Ulrike Hatzer has been a guest lecturer or held teaching positions at the LMU Munich, the UdK Berlin and HMT Leipzig. Since 2010 she has been entrusted with evolving and organising the training focus “Theatre of Experts” for students of stage directing at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. She evolves discussion formats and feedback structures, e.g. for the Theatre Meeting for Young Persons (2010-2016) in Berlin, the Children’s Theatre Festival in 2016 in Leipzig, which she also presented and has modified for other festivals and symposia.

Ulrike Hatzer has been a jury member at various festivals and for competitions and scholarships, for instance for the Theatre Meeting for Young Persons at the Berlin Festival 2010-2016 and for the Children’s and Young Persons’ Theatre Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2014.  She is also the curator and organizer of cultural events.

Since 2014 she has belonged to the campaign City as Campus, which evolves and implements interdisciplinary concepts for city development and activation projects, for instance on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Building, the German Federation of Cities as well as regional authorities.


Ulrike Hatzer has been invited to participate in many national and international festivals and received various awards, the most important being the performance prize as part of the German Children’s Theatre Prize in 2004 for Katharina Katharina im Gänsespiel by Heleen Verburg with the THEATERfabrik at the Theater Altenburg-Gera, the invitation to the Mühlheim Theatre Days in 2007 and the audience prize in 2008 from  Westwind – the Children’s and Youth Festival of North Rhine Westphalia for Wir alle für immer zusammen with the Marabou Theatre in Bonn, and the Salzburg Prize of the Cultural Fund of the City of Salzburg for Salz. Erkundungen der Wirklichkeit with the Department of Drama and Stage Directing at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.