Klemens Vereno,

Lecturer in Compositional Technique and Piano

  • Mirabellplatz 1
  • 5020 Salzburg
Klemens Vereno was born in Salzburg in 1957 and received his first violin lessons at the Orff Institute and later at the Musikum with Elisabeth Suchy-Hedenborg. He also received composition lessons from Cesar Bresgen. From 1972 to 1981 he studied composition with Cesar Bresgen and conducting with Kurt Prestel, violin with Jürgen Geise and Filiberto Estrela and singing with Liselotte Egger and Walter Raninger at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. Musicological studies led him to Munich and Basel. 
Since 1978 he has been teaching instrumentation, vocal set, instrumental studies, score playing, general bass and repertoire at the Mozarteum University Salzburg and since 2006 he has also been working at the Department of Music Education in Innsbruck. From 1978 to 1985 he was responsible for accompaniment, ear training and choir direction at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. From 2000 to 2008 he taught ear training and instrumentation at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. From 2008 to 2018 he was a lecturer at the International Summer Academy at the Mozarteum University Salzburg (analysis, instrumentation, music theory and analysis for young people) and from 2010 to 2014 lecturer at the Tyrolean Wind Week in Vill near Innsbruck (arrangement, musicology). 
He is an interpreter and composer at the International Paul Hofhaymer Society, member of the vocal ensemble Quattrofonisten, conductor of the Salzburg Advent Singing, founding member and vice president of the IG Composer Salzburg, initiator and designer of the Salzburg Days of New Organ Music and co-founder of the first Biennale in Salzburg.