Kai Bachmann, Ass.-Prof. Dr.

University Assistant in advanced listening and supervision of academic projects
Evaluation, Music Theory

  • Mirabellplatz 1/IV (Room: A04025)
  • 5020 Salzburg

Born in Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Germany) in 1965. From 1975 to 1985 Residence in Mexico City.


Musical Education since 1976 by private lessons and later at the National Music Conservatoire in Mexico City.


Certificado de Bachillerato and German Abitur in the year 1984 at the German School Alexander von Humboldt, Mexico City.


Diploma with Honorific Distinction of the career of Composition at the University Mozarteum Salzburg in the year 1990.


Diploma (Magister) of the careers of Musicology and Spanish at the Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg in the year 1993.


Doctorate of the career of Musicology at the Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg in the year 1999.


Since 1999 Studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Doctorate in Music).


Presently Kai Bachmann is Universitary Assistant at the Richter Herf-Institute for Investigation into the Fundamentals of Music, and at the Scientific Network Man and Music.