Sustainability in teaching

In view of the global challenges, the university wants to act as a role model for a society that is sustainable and worth living in the long term. The special responsibility of art universities lies in the fact that the graduates educated in the sense of the holistic universitas, or their teachers, move in their professional environment on an international stage and are thus predestined to postulate a change in values and thus take a prominent role in the initiation and implementation of ideas of sustainable development. Therefore, and as a member of the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria, the strategic anchoring of sustainability remains an important goal. The Mozarteum University Salzburg therefore also fully endorses the uniko Manifesto for Sustainability.

The working group "Education for Sustainable Development" (AG BNE) of the Alliance for Sustainable Universities in Austria has launched the initiative "Weiterbildungsprogramm BuNE-Z", in the course of which a sustainability training program for university lecturers is to be developed and implemented.

The Mozarteum University Salzburg is working on an offer to support the integration of sustainability aspects in its sphere of activity. The understanding of sustainable development and a common thrust are central to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Further education opportunities in the area of teaching are to support this process.