Sustainability at the Mozarteum University Salzburg

The Mozarteum University Salzburg has set out to implement sustainability in its sphere of activity, both structurally and in terms of content. A profound understanding of and the orientation of all activities towards sustainability as well as a responsible use of resources are linked to the overall strategic goal: Sustainability for all areas of the university.
In the course of membership in the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria, cross-university activities are carried out. The exchange of experiences as well as the use of synergies in the five thematic areas of teaching, research, university management, knowledge exchange as well as sustainability strategy are very valuable for the common goal achievement - the anchoring of sustainability topics at the universities and making a positive contribution to a sustainable society.

Activities and collaborations in the context of sustainable development, e.g.:
  • Active teaching staff at Scientists for Future
  • Continuation of cooperation in the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria
  • Cooperation in the UniNEtZ II project for the implementation of the SDGs
  • Successive improvement of the environmental performance of university operations
  • Networking of the AG Inclusion and Diversity
  • Family service center, certificate "family-friendly university”
  • Surveys and analyses in the area of internal resource and energy use
  • Online survey on mobility behavior of employees and students
  • Initiation of the process for the participatory development of a sustainability strategy
  • Integration of sustainability aspects in all university departments
  • Preparation of the introduction of an environmental management system according to EMAS