postgraduate university course harp

The university course is intended for graduates with a relevant artistic degree (Master or Diploma) from a post-secondary institute of education in Austria or abroad.

The course serves to intensify the artistic knowledge and skills acquired in the regular studies and to perfect musical skills and instrumental techniqe.

Performance possibilities in university concerts and at events (projects, productions) are offered in Salzburg and elsewhere, and are an integral part of the course.

Eligibility for enrolment is proof of a completed relevant artistic degree course in one of the central artistic subjects, and of having passed the enrolment examination. Diplomas issued in foreign languages have to be presented with a certified translation.

The course lasts 2 semesters.  If the course director of the central artistic subject and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for teaching agree, it is possible to repeat the course once.

The final examination consists of the positive completion of the teaching units in the central artistic subject.

Course fees amount to EUR 800 per semester. .