postgraduate university course opera and musical theatre

The course serves to intensify the artistic knowledge and skills acquired in the regular studies and to perfect musical and performance skills.

Teaching aims to take students to the highest international level, to work on relevant specialist repertoire musically and dramatically, and to prepare them for auditions and participation in major international competitions. Particular attention is given to the aesthetics of interpretation as well as to the stylistic understanding of Mozart?s vocal works.

Performance possibilities in university concerts and at events (projects, productions) are offered in Salzburg and elsewhere.

*  Institute for Mozart-Operas Interpretation

Eligibility for enrolment is proof of a completed relevant artistic course (Master degree or diploma) at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad.

For the enrolment examination a programme has to be presented that contains at least 5 opera arias from various stylistic epochs which make it possible to assess artistic qualities and singing technique; 2 of the arias have to be sung in German.  From this the examining board selects an audition programme.  All pieces performed have to be sung from memory.

The course lasts 2 semesters.  If the course director of the central artistic subject and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for teaching agree, it is possible to repeat the course once.

The successful completion of the course is documented by a certificate.

Course fees amount to EUR 1100 per semester.