University course new media in music pedagogy

The use of new media offers an innovative method for teaching music.  Computers and the Internet make it possible to create new kinds of teaching and learning scenarios which can be extremely useful in music educational theory and in music didactics.
The Austrian curriculum makes the use of computer technology in all teaching subjects compulsory.  This requirement can and should be implemented particularly in teaching music, as the multi-media computer especially is a broad-ranging, practical and creative tool for music.

The majority of Austrian music teachers were trained according to curricula in which the use of new media in teaching music was not taken into consideration.  The course in New Media in Music Educational Theory, which has been offer at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg since the summer semester of 2010/11, opens up the possibility to these persons to engage in comprehensive further training in this sphere, so that they are able to do justice to the teaching principle “New Media” as well as to diverse teaching subject areas from the current curriculum for music education.  The course conveys competence in dealing with customary music software – always related to the resultant didactic possibilities.  Besides the music software learning platforms, tools for authors and the specific use of the Internet comprise central themes of the course.  Course participants should discover tools which become relevant through the use of computers and the Internet.
In order to be eligible to enrol, it is necessary to have completed a degree or teaching course at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad.  In case free places become available, persons with at least three years of professional experience in a relevant field of activity can be admitted to the course.  Enrolment on the university course occurs according to the number of available study places, whereby a minimum number of 12 participants is necessary for the university course to take place.

The course lasts 4 semesters and comprises a total of 26 semester week hours; 6.5 semester week hours are to be completed in each semester.  According to the European credit system the work load amounts to a total of 60 ECTS.
In the 4th semester the supervised development of a learning platform for teaching practice is planned as a final project.

The course takes place part-time in the form of weekend modules. All teaching units of the university course are compulsory and are held on 4 weekends (1st – 4th semester) at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (Friday 2 p.m. – Sunday 5.30 p.m.).  The teaching language of the course is German.

The course fee for each participant amounts to € 600 per semester.

Theoretical and practical basics are tested in an examination before a board lasting 45 minutes at the end of the fourth semester.  In addition the candidate presents the learning platform that he or she has developed.

The conditions for participation in the examination before a board are:
a)    regular participation in all teaching modules
b)    the positive conclusion of all compulsory teaching units
c)    the positive assessment of the learning platform (supervised final project in the 4th semester)

The expert qualification is concluded with the award of the title “Academic Expert for New Media in Music Educational Theory”.