University course music and dance in social work and integrative pedagogy

Aim of the university course

In recent decades music and movement have been increasingly used in social work and social educational theory, and this has led to the development of communicative and social learning and experience fields that give identity.  As a result many possibilities were created of allowing individuals and groups to experience the physical, emotional, social and cultural impact of their own active artistic activity.  The diverse person-oriented methodical use of music and movement thus supports the aims of modern social work, namely to develop in an integrative manner, supporting and conveying a social balance between the many different environments of a modern society. 

The use of music and dance in various fields of integrative education offers integrated encouragement of cognitive, emotional, sensory and motoric social abilities and skills. 

Possible participants are graduates of arts universities, conservatories, educational academies, teaching colleges, social academies, schools for professions in therapeutic teaching, federal educational institutions for pre-school teaching, polytechnic universities for social work and social educational theory, universities and related institutions.

Interested persons with a degree in educational theory or a related qualification (also legally equivalent degrees) or with a relevant professional qualification are eligible.
The course lasts one year and encompasses compulsory subjects amounting to 11 hours per week in the semester. The language of tuition is German.
Teaching takes place on four weekends in each semester from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon in block form. This means that each weekend involves 22 hours of teaching.
The course will be held for a minimum of 12 participants. For educational reasons a group should consist of a maximum of 16 participants.
The positive conclusion of the course will be determined on the basis of positive assessment of all lectures. A detailed certificate is issued about the university course.