Pre-College Salzburg

Britta Bauer, BA MA, Sprecherin des Leitungsteams
Mag. Norbert Brandauer
Stefan David Hummel

Office: Brigitte Karl
Office address: Makartplatz 5, 5020 Salzburg

In keeping with the aims of finding and encouraging young talent, the course seeks to register gifted musicians at an early age and to encourage them in the best possible way, both in the central artistic subject as well as in a broad musical context, and to guide them towards a later artistic career. Besides training highly gifted young musicians, greater attention is to be given to their special inclinations, for instance, for improvisation, composition etc., so that these can be particularly encouraged by relevant subject matter from the range of available teaching courses. There is no minimum age for admission to the Pre-College Instrumental Courses; students attending the Pre-College Instrumental Courses can do so up to the age of 20. Admission to Pre-College Singing Courses is possible at the age of 16 at the earliest; studies must be completed by the time the student has reached the age of 22. Pre-College Singing Courses last 2 or 4 semesters, in exceptional cases 6 semesters.