Course Period 2

Violin - Young Excellence

01.08.2022 - 05.08.2022

Paul Roczek

Languages: German, English, Italian

Born in Vienna in 1947, teachers: Samohyl, Rostal, Gitlis, Vegh; first violinist of the Österreichisches Streichquartett; since 1969 professor at the Mozarteum; as guest in Moskow, New York, Bloomington, Brussels, Weimar, Menuhin-Academy in Gstaad; director of the Mozarteum Summer Academy for many years; leads the International Mozart Violin Competition of the Mozarteum University, performs and acts as juror worldwide.

Young Excellence - Intensive Class for highly talented young students.

Classes for particularly talented children and young people in cooperation with the Leopold Mozart institute of the Mozarteum University.

The Leopold Mozart institute of the Mozarteum University promotes particularly talented children and young people. The promotion is directed towards developing a professional musicality, whilst enjoying musical activity, artistic creativity and the self-implementation of the talented students, which may lead to exceptional musical achievements.

The course has its focus on the intensive recess of a preparatory repertoire (three works of different style and character), the artistic arrangement of the works in the close sense connection with the technical realization. It is recommended to chose an age-according repertoire.

Lecturers, who have special experience in the work with gifted young talents, will lead these intensive courses.

For students at the Leopold Mozart Institute (Encouragement of talented students) participation in the intensive course is free.
For external ones (age limit: 16 years) intensive course: EUR 300