Online-Vortrag: Music, entrainment and the mind–body connection: Implications for health and physical activity
Teil der Vortragsreihe Musik & Medizin
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From the very dawn of human civilization, ancient cultures sought to combine sounds in a manner that influenced the human psyche. Given the recent advances in digital technologies, music applications have rapidly become de rigueur in the realm of exercise and physical activity. Ergonomically-designed personal listening devices are considered by runners to be as essential as their running shoes, and music programmes are routinely streamed into public gymnasia by use of complex algorithms. The presenter will explore the structured and systematic use of music as a means by which to enhance the exercise experience and promote public health. Following an outline of theoretical evolution in this field, a theoretical model (Karageorghis, 2016) that is heuristic in nature will serve as the lodestar for a series of recent scientific studies and associated music-related applications. Moreover, the cerebral mechanisms underlying the effects of music will be expounded with reference to recent findings from the domain of exercise science.
This interactive lecture will be peppered with examples from the presenter’s applied work at the intersection of exercise science and psychomusicology.

Costas Karageorghis is Professor and Divisional Lead for Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences, Department of Life Sciences at Brunel University London. His expertise lies in psychomusicology.
He has spent the last 25 years conducting research into the psychological and psychophysiological effects of music in the domain of exercise and sport. During this time, Karageorghis has developed a theory to explain how music influences performance and mental states, produced a measure of the motivational qualities of music, led over 50 experimental studies, and conducted extensive reviews of research into the effects of music in exercise and sport.
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