Music und Dance in Social Work and Integrated/Inclusive Education (MTSI)



The work of Wilhelm Keller (born 1920) at the Orff-Institut using Music and Dance in Social Work and Special Education together with the founding of an Institute 1 in 1973 has provided many important impulses 2. The continuing work and development in these areas led to the introduction of the specializiation "Music and Dance ind Social Work and Special Education" - one of four specializiations available to students studying Music and Movement Education. Developments and the opening up of new fields has led to the title "Music and Dance in the Community and in Integrated Education" in the new Syllabus.

The use of music and movement in social work led to the development of new social fields of experience and learning that involved strenthening identity and communication. There are many methods of music and movement orientiated on personal development that enable individuals and groups to experience the physical, spiritual, social and cultural effects of their own active artistic work. In this way they goals of modern social work can be supported. These work integrating, supporting, establishing and developing a social balance between the various world of modern society.

Integrated/Inclusive Education rejects the one-sidedness, the orientation on deficits and the segregation found in traditional special education. Integrated/Inclusive education is based on principles of education for all in which:
- every person may study everything
- each in his/her way
- everyone gets the personal and material help required for this.
Basic Didactics are:
"Cooperation on a Shared Topic"
"Internal Differentiation by the means of (development-logical) Individualization"
(G. Feuser, EU Projekt Integer) The use of music and movement in various areas of integrated/inclusive education intends to further individual cognitive, emotional, sensory motor and social abilities and development. Artistic work with music and movement has the aim of discovering and developing (unused) potential in the individual and to support him/her in his/her individual development and creativity.

Tasks and Goals