The Minetti Quartett has released several highly acclaimed CD recordings in the past ten years.

Joseph Haydn (debut album):
"It's been a long time since we have heard a more spectacular and exciting CD release (KlassikInfo)".

Felix Mendelssohn:
"A triumph and a sensation. These four young musicians play Mendelssohn with such ravishing transparency and flawless clarity, at the same time dramatic and sharp, full of light, but with depth, as only the best among the very good can (Eleonore Büning in the FAZ of 13.9.2012)".

Ludwig van Beethoven:
"Uncompromising, but completely unpathetic, the intonation flawless, the technical superiority admirable. The urgency of their playing consciously avoids the mere beautiful sound, but also celebrates Beethoven’s exuberant delight in combinatorial playing - and thus hits the humane core of this music (BR-Klassik)".

Franz Schubert:
"The Minetti Quartet seems to float effortlessly and redeemed above things. An impressive anniversary album on which the quiet tones are the important ones (BR-Klassik)".