New Music

Head: Univ.Prof. Achim Bornhöft
Deputy Head: O.Univ.Prof. Dorothee Oberlinger

Office / Insitute Assistant / Project Management: Marco Sala, MA.

The Institute for New Music is coordinating all study related programs in the field of new music at the Mozarteum, from coaching individual students to cooperations between several classes, departments and other internal and external institutions. A special focus is given to the exchange between the instrumental and the composition classes.

The institute offers students and teachers interdisciplinary studies over the entire spectrum of contemporary music:

  • Students learning an instrument experience the music between the early 20th century and the present in theory and practice.
  • Students are playing the Doppler Concerts with the Ensemble for New Music.
  • The composition classes develop and rehearse their works in direct exchange with both, student ensembles as well as with invited experts.
  • Renowned performers of new music augment the concert programs at the Mozarteum.
  • Selected composers from Austria and abroad complement the overall activities in contemporary music with presentations and seminars.

Additionally the Institute for New Music initiates and promotes activities beyond the curriculum by taking part in the international discourse with selected concert programs, workshops and other teaching cooperations.