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Oliver Kraft

Lecturer in Teaching Practice

  • Mirabellplatz 1
  • 5020 Salzburg

Dr. Oliver Kraft, was born 1967 in Bludenz, he began his studies at the Conservatory in Feldkirch and continued at the University Mozarteum and the Salzburg University (flute by Michael Kofler). Concert diploma; university degrees in Music Teaching as well as Instrumental music and instrumental education (both with honors). After receiving his Master of Arts he followed on Doctorate studies (Institute for musicology) and was graduated as Doctor of philosophy with distinction.


Dr. Oliver Kraft was awarded the dignified prize for his outstanding artistic performance by the Federal Minister for Arts & Science. He is presently engaged as musicologist (among other things for the Salzburg Festival, University of Florida), Music Teacher (at the PG St. Ursula Salzburg, Salzburg College, University Mozarteum) Flutist (Numerous appearances at home and abroad, including festival performances at Aspekte Salzburg, Forum contemporary Music, Wien Modern, Edinburgh Festival and Festival in Gmunden) and as composer (and prize-winner at the composers competition klanggesetz 2000, in Vienna).