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We do our best to keep you up to date, to answer all questions from teachers and students at the Mozarteum University Salzburg as quickly as possible and to provide them in the FAQs! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: sandra.steindl@moz.ac.at

Do the classes take place?
There are currently no face-to-face classes. The teaching should nevertheless be held within the scope of the possibilities via digital formats and channels. Students are asked to contact their teachers directly to discuss how to proceed. You can find initial information and support for changing teaching here.
(March 17)
Are there exams?
If possible, exams should take place via digital media. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. VRL and Director of Studies Dr. Kostal. The departments may advise how they want to carry out which exams in which format and when.
(April 1)
Will the admission exams take place on time or will the registration deadlines be extended?
Admission exams should also take place if possible. Unrestricted freedom of travel in June will not yet exist worldwide, so digital formats should also be considered here, at least for a pre-selection. A second round for the best candidates could then take place in autumn. All planned final examinations are to be made possible in April with strict security requirements.
(April 1)
Will the duration of studies be extended by the current situation?
The Mozarteum University Salzburg does everything it can to ensure that the study process runs as smoothly as possible. Depending on the development of the pandemic, the lesson-free time in the summer months of July, August and September will maybe be reduced in favor of the study.

Please check your e-mail account, the website and the online channels of the University of Mozarteum Salzburg regularly and stay reachable.
(March 17)
Is there a contact point for students in financial need?
On March 20, the ÖH Mozarteum formally decided on the announced scholarship package to cover the financial impact of Covid19 on the living situation of the students. All information and documents on how to apply can be found on the website of the ÖH Mozarteum: www.oeh-mozarteum.at

  • FAQs in German and English
  • Application forms in German and English
  • Guidelines of the fund
(March 20)
Do events take place?
All internal and external events at the Mozarteum University Salzburg were canceled by the end of May. Special solutions without an audience are to be found for the three graduate concerts.

Note: The Ministry has already postponed the Long Night of Research to October 9th.
(April 1)
Does the administration of the Mozarteum University Salzburg work?
Yes. The administrative staff works in home office and is available. An emergency plan has already been drawn up for the critical departments – human ressources, finance, IT, facility management and procurement - to maintain basic operations.
(March 15)
Are the buildings of the University campus accessible?
All buildings of the Mozarteum University Salzburg are closed until further notice. The library and the MediaLab are also closed. In urgent cases, access to employees is possible with the employee card.
(April 1)
Where can I find information on changing teaching?
You can find important information, help and contacts for changing teaching here - the content is constantly being expanded and supplemented.
(March 17)
Where can you find ongoing information?
You can get information about the current innovations and developments directly by email to your email address (moz.ac.at) and on the website of the University Mozarteum Salzburg.
(March 15)
Who can I contact if I have to make a corona test?
Please report immediately to our security officer Mr. DI Nikolaus Posch (+43 676 88122 307) and by email to nikolaus.posch@moz.ac.at with your contact details, the names of the people you have been in contact with since the possible infection.
General information & links:
  • Hotline für Verdachtsfälle/gesundheitliche Fragen: 1450
  • Hotline Land Salzburg: 0662 8042 4450 (täglich von 8 - 20 Uhr)

Picture: Kelly Sikkema