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Diploma programme catholic and protestant church music

The study course in church music at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg aims to achieve the highest possible level of training for a church musician. It is an extensive course and requires creative potential of the student and the readiness to dedicate a lot of time to study. The course consists of compulsory subjects, optional or major subjects and free optional subjects which are taught in various lecture forms such as individual teaching or teaching in small groups, lectures, seminars, ensemble singing, choir and orchestra conducting.  The intention is to convey to students besides subject matter also interdisciplinary pedagogical and social skills. Particular attention is given to the individual profile by liturgical organ playing and improvisation, church composition, choir conducting and singing in the liturgy, Gregorian chant and compositional technique oriented towards stylistically differentiated church songs.

It is necessary to have passed the enrolment examination in the spheres of aural training and compositional technique, organ literature and organ improvisation, singing and choir conducting and a colloquium about the choice of study course and study perspectives in order to be eligible to enrol for this course.

The course is divided into two sections:

The first part of the course lasts 8 semesters and comprises 132 semester hours.  It serves to convey the principles and the introduction into the entire sphere of church music and is completed with the first diploma examination.  The second part of the course lasts 4 semesters and comprises at least 38 semester hours. It serves to intensify the course and to form focal points of study.  Moreover, in the artistic and scientific sphere a written diploma project has to be completed.

The qualification consists of the second diploma examination and the award of the academic degree Master of Arts.

Free optional subjects (at least 20 hours) have to be studied in addition; these can be completed during the first or the second part of the course.

The first diploma examination consists of a teaching examination of all the teaching units prescribed by the curriculum, an examination before a board of the units taught in the introductory phase of study and intermediate examinations before a board at the end of the fourth, sixth and eighth semester.

The second diploma examination consists of a teaching examination consisting of all the teaching units prescribed by the curriculum and an examination before a board at the end of the fourth semester, which consists of an examination on the chosen major subject(s) and the artistic programme (= artistic diploma project).


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