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The course at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg in teaching an instrument or singing conveys skills in holding qualified lessons on an instrument or singing for the requirements of teaching in schools. Artistic and technically mature skills in playing an instrument (or singing) are acquired in the “Central Artistic Subject” (CAS) together with knowledge of the history of the instrument and how it is made, and also musical literature, the ability to participate in and direct a musical ensemble.  Furthermore, students acquire competence in conveying general musical knowledge as well as special instrumental skills and knowledge to pupils of different age groups, levels of talent and education, and students gain a solid basis in the theory of teaching music and musicology as well as potential in implementing this knowledge in a professional career.
Besides lessons in the “Central Artistic Subject”, and in teaching units to ensure general musical competence (e.g. aural training, compositional theory, music history), educational grounding (e.g. foundation in music educational theory, training in teaching behaviour, various practical exercises) and subjects related to making music collectively in practice (e.g. chamber music, ensemble, orchestra, choir) an additional major subject is to be chosen.  Here students can intensify their training according to specific interests.  Students can choose between a second instrument (a proficiency exam is necessary), teaching music at an early age and basic training, coaching, directing a choir or ensemble, music theory, folk music in Austria, jazz and pop music, new media, applied musicology, and conducting a wind orchestra.  In Innsbruck there is also the further possibility of studying Ancient Music.
The Bachelor degree course lasts 8 semesters and comprises 123-133 semester hours.

In order to be eligible for the Bachelor degree course students have to be at least 17 years old and have to pass the enrolment examination, which consists of an audition in the “Central Artistic Subject”, a written and oral exam on general music theory including an aural test (compositional theory and aural training), proof of basic knowledge of piano playing, and also – for candidates from outside the German-speaking area – proof of the knowledge of German.

In addition to the compulsory subjects, from the 3rd semester at least one “major subject” has to be chosen (compulsory optional subject), which has to be completed before ending the Bachelor course.  A proficiency examination has to be passed if the major subject is a second instrument or singing.  For all the other major subjects no proficiency exam is necessary.

The final examination in the major subject “second instrument / singing / (will no longer be offered if the Central Artistic Subject is folk music) third instrument” has to be taken and passed after six semesters and consists of an artistic and didactic examination. In the case of positive assessment, students are certified as being capable of teaching in Austrian music schools.

During the Bachelor degree course performance supervision before a board in the Central Artistic Subject (after four semesters) and in the compulsory subject piano (after six semesters) has to be passed, and two Bachelor projects from the sphere of music, music history or musicology have to be written.  An examination before a board has to be passed in the special subject of one of the two Bachelor projects.

The Bachelor examination before a board consists of two parts: the exam in the “Central Artistic Subject” with a performance of an artistic programme lasting 40 minutes playing time and an exam in didactics (total duration 50 minutes), consisting of two teaching rehearsals and a didactic discussion of the teaching units and works from the examination programme.


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