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Bachelor programme / Master programme music theory

The aim of the course is to help students to achieve the best possible development of their creative and reflective abilities.  It is intended to convey a masterful treatment of the musical material in all divisions (instrumental, vocal and electronic music) and lead to openness in the analysis of newly evolving art forms.  As regards these performance requirements the courses are to be understood as an extremely high level programme of education.

It also offers the possibility of complementing the creative development and work through major subject studies and acquiring additional qualifications. These can also be acquired in other areas of study.

Obvious choices for major subject studies in relation to music theory are, for instance, electronic music and audio-visual media, musicology, early music, new music, conducting, jazz and popular music and applied composition.  Students can make use of the offers available at the various institutes of the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg and the Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg.

The Bachelor degree course lasts 6 semesters and comprises 112 semester week hours.  It ends with the Bachelor examination before a board.

In order to be eligible for the Bachelor course it is necessary to pass the enrolment examination, consisting of the following parts:

Proof of creative ability by presenting compositions or style copies and by means of an improvisation, analysis of the instrumental skills on the piano ? optionally also on the piano and on another instrument, analysis of knowledge in compositional theory, listening and analysis and proof of knowledge of German.

The Bachelor examination before a board consists of the presentation of Bachelor projects which are to be written in the context of two of the teaching units from the spheres of music theory, musicology or music educational theory, as well as written and oral examinations in the subjects compositional theory and analysis and exams in piano playing and playing from a score.

The Master degree course lasts four semesters and comprises 52 semester week hours.  It ends with the Master examination before a board.

In order to enrol for the Master degree course it is necessary to have completed a relevant Bachelor degree course or an equivalent course at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad.

The Master examination before a board consists of the presentation of the artistic master project, a half-day test on a subject from the seminars in music theory, two prepared teaching rehearsals in music theory each lasting 30 minutes, the analysis of a work with 60 minutes of preparation time, and the presentation of a subject from the sphere of the chosen major subject studies.


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