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postgraduate university course orchestra conducting

The course serves to perfect musical and interpretative skills to the highest degree of artistic maturity.  Opportunities are available for students to perform in university concerts.

In order to be eligible to enrol it is necessary to have completed a relevant degree course at a post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad.  Participation is also dependent on payment of the course fees as well as other fees and contributions as stipulated by the university law and student-union law. 

To enrol it is necessary to present the diploma, diplomas issued in foreign languages have to be presented in certified translations.

An examination senate chaired by the relevant dean of studies (department head) decides whether the student will be accepted.  The lecturer in the central artistic subject in which the course is to be taken, also belongs to the examination senate, as well as a lecturer from a related subject, who is appointed by the dean of studies (department head).

The closing date for registration for the enrolment examination is in each year identical to the closing date for registration for the enrolment examinations for the regular studies.

The course lasts two semesters.

If the course director of the central artistic subject and the dean of studies (department head) agree, it is possible to repeat the course once.

The final examination consists of positively concluding the teaching units in the central artistic subject.

Course fees amount to EUR 500 per semester.


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