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"Innsbruck Barock" evolves from the thirty-years-history of the legendary Summer Acadamy for Early Music in the baroque city Innsbruck. Since the 70's young artistsfrom all over Europe travel to the capitol of Tyrol. Important names like Gustav Leonhardt, René Jacobs or Nikolaus Harnoncourt started the early music movement and were inevitable for the development of the scene in Innsbruck and its growing audience.
Since a long time the early music movement has influenced the whole musical thinking and playing nowadays. That's one of the reasons why all renowned universitieschoose to incorporate an early music department.
The Mozarteum University Salzburg developed itself to one of the leading centres of early music in Europe. Innsbruck Barock offers the unique possibility to experiencethe atmosphere of the Early Music Institute in Salzburg during summertime. Guest professors like Linde Brunmayr-Tutz, Margret Köll and Kees Boeke will add to the professors from Mozarteum.
The masterclasses are for students and alumni in the field of Early Music, as well as interested musicians from the classical music field. The use and familiaritywith historical instruments are obligatory.
Next to masterclasses there will be lectures for historically informed performance practice and chamber music lessons. This year's Innsbruck Barock is completedby seminars such as "instrument care", in which well-known instrument makers share their knowledge.

Class Teacher
baroque violin Mayumi Hirasaki (23.-28.7.)
recorder Kees Boeke (23.-28.7.)
baroque flute Linde Brunmayr-Tutz (23.-28.7.)
cornetto and consort Matthijs Lunenburg (23.-28.7.)
Baroque trombone and consort Norbert Salvenmoser &
Matthijs Lunenburg (23.-28.7.)
fortepiano, continuo
Florian Birsak (23.-28.7.)
historical harps Margret Köll (23.-28.7.)
Viola da gamba Vittorio Ghielmi (23.-28.7.)
baroque cello Marco Testori (23.-28.7.)


  • University Mozarteum
  • Institute for Early Music
  • Mirabellplatz 1
    5020 Salzburg

  • Tel: +43 (0)662 6198 3135

  • E-Mail: innsbruckbarock@moz.ac.at