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Books, sheet music, and journal articles that are not available at any Salzburg library can be ordered via interlibrary loan from a library outside Salzburg.

A UBMS library card is required to place interlibrary loan orders. Please complete the interlibrary loan form or send us an e-mail.

The University Library Mozarteum Salzburg refers to the provisions of copyright law. The Orderer undertakes to ensure that copies of the ordered articles may only be used for private purposes and for demonstration purposes in the classroom or for the purposes of scientific research, insofar as this is justified for the pursuit of non-commercial purposes.

I need

For interlibrary loans the following fees will be charged:
  • Books, that can be procured in Austria € 2,--
  • Books, that must be obtained from abroad € 10,--
  • Copies*, that can be procured in Austria € 5,--
  • Copies*, that must be obtained from abroad € 5,--
* Amounts are valid for 1-20 pages; additional copies will be charged according to actual expenditure
Wishes for new purchases:

Please check beforehand in the catalog whether the desired work is actually not yet available in the library! The more information you fill in the form, the more targeted your wishes can be processed!


Please note: In order to avoid unnecessary work, we ask you to check before placing an order, if the desired work exists in the inventory of the library.

We strive for a quick processing.


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