3rd Period


12.08.2019 - 24.08.2019

Krishan Singh Sheoran

Languages: German, English, Hindi (Mother Tounge), Sanskrit, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Punjabi

Personal Information:
Date of Birth: 1. July 1971
Marital Status: Married, 1 Child
Citizenship: Austrian

A) In India:
Primary School, middle school, College in Bhiwani and Rohtak (Haryana), Ph.D. in Geography at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
B) In Austria:
German Courses until C2 , Backbone Trainer’s course, 2010.

 Certificate in „Yoga Education“ from
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, 2002
 Certificate in „Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurvedic Massage“ from “Govt. Degree College” in Dakpatther (Dehradun), India, 2009
 Certificate in „ Backbone Trainer Course (Basic) from BFI Salzburg 2010
 Certificate in„Training Programme on Ayurvedic Health Care Practices“, Kerala Ayurveda Hospital, Aluva, Kerala, India 2011

Yoga-Work Experience:
 International Guest lecturer for Yoga in DPS R. K. Puram School, New Delhi 2008
 Yoga Teacher in Volkshochschule Salzburg since 2008
 Freelance Yoga teacher in Salzburg with own Yoga-Studio since 2009
 Yoga Teacher for ASKÖ-Projekt „Fit care“, 2010
 International Guest faculty in the department of „Yogic Sciences“, Government Degree College, Dakpatther (Dehradun), India 2008-2014

Languages Known:
Hindi (Mother Tounge)

In this course the knowledge of yoga, dating back thousands of years, will be put into practice for contemporary western people - combined with the principles of physiotherapy and general medicine.
Every session focusses on a different aspect, ranging from relaxation, consciousness, mindfulness, vitalisation, strengthening, mobilisation, stretching, myofascial linking, balancing unilateral strain, breathing techniques, personal development and spirituality, chanting as well as meditation.
The exercises are in tune with the flow of breathing and are supported by music. This results in relaxation and self-centredness, pleasure and joy.
Participants needs and wishes will be respected.