3rd Period


12.08.2019 - 24.08.2019

Elke Renner

Born in Wels/Upper Austria, after her commercial college degree she worked for 14 years in the export-management division (Salzburg, Switzerland, Belgium), back in Austria she studied German Language and Literature with focus on “German as a Foreign Language”.

Teaching experience at different institutions, e.g. in the AIFS-Programme and at Verona Summer School. Since 2001 teacher for German at the Language Center of the Salzburg University as well as since 2005 at the department of Germanistics.

The courses include, among other things, an introduction to German phonetics and the acquisition of a basic vocabulary from the sphere of music as well as day-to-day subject matter relevant to the various levels (for instance the ability to talk about oneself and others, ordering food and drink in restaurants, shopping etc.) and some information about the region and the country as well as inter-cultural aspects. In this course in a small group skills such as listening, reading, writing and above all speaking are trained and grammatical structures are taught. Students in the singing classes are particularly recommended to attend the German course.